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Learn step-by-step instructions on How to Apply for Scholarships and Financial 4 Easy-to-Understand Steps with...
The Scholaship Workbook

FROM: Sedgwick Hines

Dear Students and Parents:

Do you need help applying for scholarships and financial aid? financial aid scholarship workbook

Applying for federal financial aid, college scholarships and grants, and student loans may seem like a confusing process, but if you are provided with easy to understand information; the financial aid process can be fairly simple. 

My name is Sedgwick Hines and I received nearly $90,000 in scholarships, grants, and school aid - ALL FREE MONEY - to help pay for my college costs. Since 1995, I have written numerous books on how to apply for financial aid and scholarships. (Click here to read about my experiences)

I wrote The Scholarship Workbook to simplify the entire financial aid and scholarship process for students and parents by making it a step-by-step guide. 

The Scholarship Workbook is a step-by-step guide designed to help high school students and parents understand the entire financial aid process and apply for financial aid and scholarships to help pay for college . There are four steps outlined in The Scholarship Workbook to make the financial aid process less confusing and less intimidating.

The Scholarship Workbook consists of:

Step 1: Financial Aid Basics
Step 1: Financial Aid Basics explains the entire financial aid process from beginning to end.  Once you and your parent(s) familiarize yourselves with the basics of financial aid, the financial aid process is relatively simple.

Chapter 1: Financial Aid Basics will help you understand:
scholarship search The various types of financial aid.
scholarship How financial aid is awarded.
scholarships How to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
scholarships and financial aid The Financial Aid Award Package (Award Letter).
college scholarships How scholarships affect your financial aid award package.
college grants How to renew your FAFSA.
free college money How to avoid scholarship scams.
free money for college And much more.

Step 2: The Workbook
Step 2: The Workbook is designed to help you document information about your college plans, career goals, and information about your family.  Documenting this information will help you identify and apply for scholarships and complete winning scholarship applications.  It will also help you write essays, personal statements, create a scholarship resume, prepare for a scholarship interview, and complete college applications.

The more information you document about you and your family, the more scholarships you are likely to identify and apply for in which you may have overlooked. 

The Workbook has eight parts to help you document your:
free scholarships Part 1: Personal Profile
free college scholarships Part 2: Family Background
graduate scholarships Part 3: Educational Background
free college money Part 4: Volunteer and Work Experiences
minority scholarships Part 5: Extracurricular Activities
scholarships for blacks Part 6: References
african american scholarships Part 7: Scholarship Resume
hispanic scholarships Part 8: Track Forms

Note: Step 2 is an actual workbook. All you have to do in Step 2 is fill in the blanks. There's no need to write your accomplishments, career and college goals on spare sheets of paper, in which you may misplace or lose the paper -- then you will have to start all over again to write down this information. Step 2: The Workbook makes documenting your information easy.

Step 3: Financial Aid and Scholarship Sources
There are various scholarship and financial aid sources that can help you pay for college costs.  Students are typically informed about the following financial aid and scholarship sources:

women scholarships Federal Government
scholarships for women State Higher Education Agencies
nursing scholarships Organizations, Clubs, and Foundations
scholarship search Business
scholarships for college Individuals

Note: In Chapter 3, there are over 25 different college scholarship sources shared with you to help you identify national scholarships, state scholarships, local scholarships, college scholarships, scholarships for women, scholarships for minorities, and other private scholarships; in which you may have overlooked.

Step 4: Completing the Scholarship Application
Step 4: Completing the Scholarship Application will help you complete and submit winning scholarship applications.  This chapter will help you complete your scholarship application(s) in a timely fashion and keep your stress level to a minimum.

Step 4: Completing the Scholarship Application will help you:
scholarships for college How to obtain a scholarship application
scholarships grants Keep track of the scholarship application process
college financial aid Understand Scholarship Application Components
student aid Gather Supporting Documents
student financial aid Complete a Competitive Scholarship Application
federal student aid Prepare for a Scholarship Interview
money for college Understand what to do after winning a scholarship.
money for school Understand how scholarships are disbursed 
money for school tuition Renew Your Scholarships

The Scholarship Workbook's format:
Price: $16.95
ISBN: -------
Author: Sedgwick Hines
Pages: 112 pages, Paperback
Published Date 12/2004

financial aid scholarships

Financial Aid & Scholarship Workshop (Online Course)

Most of the information published in The Scholarship Workbook has been converted to The Financial Aid and Scholarship Workshop (Online Course). The Financial aid and Scholarship Workshop (Online Course) is a step-by-step prpgram designed to help you

I encourage you to preview the sample online course and see if the online experience is for you, before registering for the actual online course. The sample online course allows you to familiarize yourself with the course's navigation panel, content and tools.

If you sign-up and register for the Financial Aid & Scholarship Workshop (Onlne e-Learning Course), you will receive The Scholarship Workbook for FREE.

The Scholarship Workbook is FREE, if your sign-up for the
Financial Aid & Scholarship Workshop (e-Learning Course)

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Order Today, The Scholarship Workbook to Help YOU Start Applying For Financial Aid and Scholarship... in just 4 Easy Steps for only$16.95 $13.95 + $5.95 S/H

Here's What YOU Need To Do Right Now…

Click on either of the link or button below to purchase The Scholarship Workbook today! The cost is only $16.95 $13.95 (a $3 discount off the regular price) plus $5.95 for shipping/handling costs. Please read the Book's Return Policy.

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    Just $13.95 + S/H!

  2. Click here to order via Mail or Fax - Print the Order Form and mail or fax it to us.

I'm sure you will find The Scholarship Workbook to be a valueable resource to help you apply for financial aid - scholarships, grants, work-study, and student loans. When you order your The Scholarship Workbook, your book will be mailed to you via US Postal Priority Mail.

I look forward to help you!

Sedgwick Hines

P.S. Don't forget the 'Limited Time Special' price of $13.95 is only valid for this week. After that it will be increased, so please act now to take advantage of this rare opportunity. Buy it today and save $3!

Click here to Order The Scholarship Workbook!


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